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 General Information:

Hey, my name is Yuri, not my real name though, but I will answer to it. ^^
I'm a 31 year old girl from Germany, where I live and study. I have a dregree in Regional Science China and have spent a year in Beijing in 2006/07, and I'm totally in love with this country, so I can hardly wait to return. Right now I'm studying economics, not sure where this will lead, but it's fun so far.
I have one older sister, no pets, and I hardly keep any plants alive. ^__^
Some more random facts: wants to learn Japanese and Korean, easily addicted, easily bored, lazy, a little messy, lj addicted

Music, though like isn't strong enough for this. I LOVE music, it's my life, and I wouldn't want to live without it. I listen to a lot of Asian music, mostly Japanese, and to lots of different kinds of music. I don't really have one artist or groupe I like the most, but here are some of the ones I like: Hamasaki Ayumi, Gazette, Kalafina, FanFan, DBSK, Super Junior, Thousand Foot Krutch, Blackmore's Night, High & Mighty Color, Linkin Park, Vienna Teng...
Computer Games. I'm totally addicted to Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi, and I fangirl about it a lot. Some other loves of mine: Zelda, Final Fantasy, Okami, Dream Chronicles, any Hidden Object games. I'm so addicted to them.
Lately I've been really into Dragon Age (Inquisition at the moment), and though I'm not actually playing these games, I'm lovin Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect a lot as well.
Reading, though I wouldn't call myself a big reader, but I do enjoy a good book. My favourite books are the two "Alice in Wonderland" books, I simply could read them over and over again (especially the first one). Some authors I like: Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Terry Prachett
Some other random stuff I like: "Friends" (the TV show), friends (the real people), Gilmore Girls, CSI, Castle, spring, flowers, icons & blinkies, singing, sleeping

For my icons please visit a_random_mess, a graphic community I run with a friend of mine. Feel free to JOIN. New members are always welcome! Though the comm isn't really active any more. But you still can find icons there.

For my blinkies please visit mondlichtung. Check the profile page to see if new members are accepted or not.

Resource post for my graphics

 The Journal:

This journal is mostly friends only, and because of randomly adding in the past without telling me, I decided to make most of the entry, or actually all my entries friends only.
It is mostly written in English, which isn't my mother tongue and I tend to have a lot of spelling mistakes, which I'm really sorry for.

I like to make new friends, so if we have anything in common or you simply are interested in reading my lj, feel free to add me. But please inform me BEFORE you add me. And please have an active lj. I don't like ljs that never have any updates or contains nothing but youtube videos and pictures.
And just to warn you: If I don't feel like we don't connect I remove you from my flist again.


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